Short Story: The Dark Fog Day

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“Ughh…” “BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!” I landed on my butt. It hurts. Where I landed? I landed on a car. Who owns the car? I don’t know, but they definitely can’t get into it anymore, because the roof is totally squished. “BEEP! BEEP!” Why I landed? It’s simple actually. I came back from a trip to another world. That’s that. “Hey, who is there!” I hear an angry voice. “Hey! I asked wh… What did you do to my car!?” “Oh Shit!” I say that and run away. I can hear the man shouting something about catching me and calling the cops. … A few minutes pass and I get away from him. “Pfuu.” That was close, but fortunately I was an active youth, well not a youth anymore. It was 34 years ago that I transferred to another world, so I should be 49 years old…show more content…
“Mom, Dad!” “Marco, where have you been?” Asked my mother. “I…” “Son, what happened to you? We thought you died in the Dark Fog Day.” My dad interrupted me and asked. “Dark Fog Day?” I was confused “The day when the Dark Fog descended on the whole world and monsters appeared, but why do you ask?” I didn’t know what to answer. Dark Fog? Monsters? I am familiar with monsters, they are either mutated animals {Beasts} or creatures made from mana {Originals}. A Beast can go up to level 400, but an Original can go up to level 1000. Also, level 1000 is the known limit for anyone to achieve. What I don’t understand is why would there be monsters here on earth. But I’m a quick thinker with 34 years of experience… “Oh, that’s what everyone calls it?” “Hm?” Their eyes are full of confusion “Brother, what do you mean?” “I was hiding.” I answer with a smile “Hiding? But the monsters were suppressed soon after they showed up. Now the army has at least few hundred people in level 120.” Levels? There are levels in this world now too? But only level 120? And they have suppressed the monsters? What kind of weak monsters are they. “Th- That is a funny story… I was actually stuck in a bunker for three…show more content…
And so, what are the options for your first stage of Main Class? That’s simple. Everyone for their first stage of Main Class have the same six options, and they are {Hunter}, {Assassin}, {Warrior}, {Mage}, {Healer} and {Artificer} So, my father, what would he choose? “Of course, it’s warrior, I have always wanted to be one.” Heh… Of course. “Well, then let’s go and have a feast, son.” … We had a feast and talked about stuff all evening. When they asked me for details I thought of a story. In the chaos of the Dark Fog, a man found me. He brought me to a bunker, but he himself went to look for others. He never returned, and when I tried to get out I realized that the door was locked. Fortunately, there was enough food for a few more years. And yesterday, the bunker doors opened. There was a young man standing there when the doors opened. He asked me who I was and I told him who I am, and about what happened. Then, the young man introduced himself as the son of the man who saved me. And my parents and sister believed me. … It’s morning, I wake up. I feel something heavy. I look down and see my little sister sleeping on top of

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