Richard Nixon And Watergate Scandal

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Notable Nixon The thirty seventh president of the United States of America happens to be the only one to have ever resigned from his position. For some people, they view his resignation as the most fascinating thing about him. However, his presidency ending short was rather expected. After the Watergate Scandal, it was face impeachment or resign for Richard Nixon. Wanting to do things on his own terms, Nixon chose the latter of the two and resigned. Despite all of the bad things that Richard Nixon is known for, Nixon still had his share of accomplishments. Many people, including much of the Federal Government, were not supportive, when it came to building the new presidential library. However, the private Richard Nixon Foundation stepped…show more content…
In fact, Yorba Linda is also known for being the birthplace of the 37th president. One October afternoon, I had the opportunity to visit the Presidential Library with a leadership group I was a part of. When we arrived at the library, we were all very much exhausted. We had spent all morning dancing and singing with hundreds of other leadership students. Every ounce of energy we had left, was poured into a newspaper fashion show for the closing activity. Having planned our trip to the library months in advance, there was no way of predicting how long of a day we would be in for. We did not have any other choice, but to exit the bus and try to make the trip worth our while. As we walked through the glass doors of the museum, we were greeted, almost immediately, by a woman with a clipboard in her hand. The woman was very well dressed, wearing a dress that looked straight off an ironing board and her hair in a tight bun. The way she presented herself made it seem as though she was a candidate in an upcoming…show more content…
“We love when they come in and take an interest in Nixon’s presidency. However, it is important that you follow instructions, so that everyone can have a good experience. There’s no eating or drinking, touching of displays, or flash photography.” Richard Nixon was in office for all of the successful landings on the moon. Therefore, it came as no surprise, when we started out tour in a section filled with space equipment. The space section was the closest exhibit to the entrance, so the sunlight poured in through the doors and reflected off of the glass displays. The display catching the most attention was a large space suit that resembled the suit from the Apollo 16 mission. The weight of the suit put a lot of pressure on the cane holding it and was drooping over. As our tour guide talked to the group about the space suit, a couple of other kids explored the rest of the hallway. There were displays varying from moon rocks to news articles, but one display that I took particular interest was the old telephone. The telephone on display was the phone that President Nixon had used to call the astronauts on the moon. Next to the display case was information about the call

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