The Importance Of The Great Rite

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The Great Rite at that time included both the physical and symbolic sexual intercourse. However, it must be noted that sexuality was simply used as a tool for representing a larger goal (that was ‘survival’) and the actual ritual had nothing to do with sex nor was a ‘sex magick’. The Great Rite was done for survival, hope, life, fertility not only for people but also plants and animals since animals needed plants too for their survival and man needed both plants and animals for his survival. Healthy offsprings were required for ensuring the survival of the human species. And this was the reason why the physical sexual act was also performed by the farmers. In modern societies, invention and innovation is all the more required and thus The Great Rite as fertility for mind, for artistic and intellectual curiosity, for pleasures holds a greater relevance. This is also a symbol of combining of male and female energy.…show more content…
This resulted in very harmful myths and misconceptions which has ensured in earning a bad name for Pagan faiths. It started with Gerald Gardener in my opinion when he thought Great Rite simply represented balance of male and female energies and both of them being equal in society. Though this was a very nice thought on his part, but when he introduced Great Rite in initiation ceremonies and handfasting and other ceremonies, the actual historical significance got lost with time. Many people forgot that Great Rite was sympathetic magick and not sex magick. That the sexual intercourse was only symbolic in real sense and physical act was not necessary to be performed for the ritual to be

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