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The quinceañera (or better know as sweet fifteen) is a big celebration for Hispanic girls and it is part of their tradition that has a big meaning in their life. First the quinceañera is a commemoration of reaching the age of fifteen years old, where the girls are transitioning from childhood to adulthood. Second the performance of the party is a Hispanic tradition where all quinceañeras must have a fiesta (party) where they celebrate their age and all the privileges they have after the party. Third, the dance is one of the most important performances in their fiesta (party), according with van Gennep and the rite passage “the dance is the symbol where the woman becomes an adult female” {Article: Chicana Life-Cycle p.16}. This tradition is part of their cultural and…show more content…
According with Tatum p.184 “The fiestas patrias that Chicano celebrate are firmly tied to the two most important Mexican holidays: Cinco de Mayo and Sep 16.” As the same popularity quinceañera /cincuentaneras this celebrations have experience a great popularity in the community that are celebrated for this people living outside of Mexico especially in US. Some American business use these dates as a business day and give special offers to these populations who are celebrating this special events in order to benefit from those dates incomes. Coming back to the quinceañera as an important religious and secular ritual we can say that this tradition and culture from the Chicano culture are transcending to another cultures and countries where they are living. The quinceañera is a symbol of transitioning to adulthood. In the Chicano/Hispanic culture the quinceañera is now a woman and the girls are able to drink alcohol and she can dance formally with her father during the special ceremony. Other rite that this young lady has is like saying to the family that she is able to have some sexual awakening and be ready to get

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