To The Lovely Edna Pontellier: A Short Letter

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To Mrs. Edna Pontellier, Hello my dear, I am currently writing you from the small Mexican village of Vera Cruz. I have a feeling you are currently quite cross at me for the little notice I had given you on my leaving of Grand Isle. But there was good reason behind my actions mon cher. I hope you have practiced your swimming and continued with you summer reading. Please tell me how you and the boys are. Best Wishes, Robert Lebrun, Mexico To Edna Pontellier, I still have not been able to send my last letter, I don’t know exactly why but I just seem to be unable to send it in though I do intend to. I have been enjoying my time in Mexico and am glad to find ample opportunity for a job, but not many who are well paying. I do hope you keep up with your art your sketches have always been beautiful. I also wish for you to continue practicing your swimming. I hope I get to sending this letter soon. Sincerely, Robert Lebrun, Mexico To The Lovely Edna Pontellier,…show more content…
My dear I have a confession to make before my leaving to Mexico I had discovered that our seemingly innocent flirtations are affecting me, I have grown feelings toward you and I feel that I am not strong enough to resist such feelings. I found myself unable to fight against my feelings, so I had felt that my only option was to leave. I knew if I told you of my plans to go to Mexico because I knew that you could easily persuade me to change my mind. My feelings for you create désirs within my mind. I wish to hold you in my arms, I cannot. I wish to kiss your sweet lips, I cannot. I wish to tell you of my love for you, I cannot. I wish to be near you, but I am not. I ask myself could these feelings I have for you could truly be love, could these feelings be as true and pure as I feel, but they are wrong you are already belonging to another

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