The Importance Of The American Dream In America

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Many Americans spend their life trying to achieve the “American Dream”. Attending a higher education institution, obtaining a career, owning a home, and having a family are all steps to achieve the American dream. As a society, the majority of individuals work hard to achieve this lifestyle. Some individuals are lucky and have these things handed to them. Others aren’t so lucky and are unable to obtain the American Dream. Many factors play into why some individuals are unable to have a comfy lifestyle. In class, we played a game of monopoly but with a twist. Some players were able to spend their money comfortably, while others struggled to stay in the game. This opened my eyes to the issues we have in America, and why it is more challenging…show more content…
In America, we have an obvious issue with social inequality. Social inequality occurs when there are unequal opportunities and chances for different groups in society. These groups can include but are not limited to religious groups, racial groups, genders, social class, etc. This can also be attributed to our social structure, which is how individuals interact with each other within institutions. Lastly, social stratification is a system in society where groups of people have more power and higher statuses than other groups. The game of monopoly we played in class helped us better understand social inequality, social structure, and social stratification in our society today. The goal of the game was to stay in the game and not go bankrupt. For some people this was easy, but for others it was very challenging. Our group worked together to keep everyone in the game. We did this by having the wealthy players
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