What Is The American Dream Synthesis Essay

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Synthesis, is the coming together of some thing, just like how our generations have been doing forever. Each generation comes together to create and teach the new generation, and so the cycle goes on. Each generation gets passed on the same set of values from the last generation like to take care of eachother. So yes I still do believe America does provide for the American Dream. The people of the country is what makes the American Dream and keep it alive, to be passed down onto the next generation. In class we were all asked number four things that come from the American dream and measure it by important to least important. The four options were Freedom/LIberty, Equality, Opportunity, Wealth/Prosperity. All of classes except for one across…show more content…
From the 1930s to the 1960s person even all the way up until a 2000 generation person, they all believed that the American dream is the same, “better living with oppurtunity maintained through hard work”. All three of the generations gave some sort of variation for that answer. Which proves that the American Dream has not changed for the last three generations that America is still the land of opportunity and better living. Another thing all three generations agreed on was family unity, they all believed that every person should take time out of their day to be with their family, and also that sticking together is very important. Even Though this is not the same thing as feeding the hungry masses, but it is a start on sticking together and loving and caring for another. The last thing that all the generations care about is taking care of one and other, and helping everybody out. That is essentially what the American Dream is, taking care of everyone in the country the hungry, the needy, the poor, and just the average citizen too. The reason America is such a great country is because, everyone takes care of everyone

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