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“What we wish for, is ours. It is the age of oneiric culture. And we, America, we are the nation of dreams.” (149-150) M.T Anderson's Feed displays the future of America in which the populace is hedonistic, ignorant, and exploited by corporate culture. More than 70% of Americans have the Feed wired directly into their brain, giving them unlimited access to the Internet and to one another. Learning becomes obsolete due to the possibility of instantly and simultaneously knowing anything via the Feed. The ability to conduct mental conversations (eradicates-softer) the need to write. School™ is run by corporate America and reserved for 'valuable education', such as teaching one how to “find the best deal” (PG). According to Anderson, the U.S…show more content…
This America is not a world far from our own. Americans today are almost ignorant and reliant on technology as the people in Feed. For example, the society in Feed is so obsessed with keeping up with the latest trends; they are willing to artificially obtain lesions to conform to the status quo. Similarly, America today is captivated by plastic surgery, medically altering themselves to fit societal standards. Loga in Feed wears “Riot gear”(125) because she is convinced that it is trendy. In comparison, modern-day American’s ‘sag’ their pants to emulate convicts. Feed’s America depicts a world where advertisements are received directly in the brain; while, today, American’s are bombarded by similar ads on television, via the internet, while listening to music, during their daily commute, in magazines, and at bus stops. Many people in today’s America are as ignorant as those in Feed and will likewise accept what they are told at face value. Corporations are even beginning to control our school system. Society today is almost as subjected to corporate culture as the society depicted in Feed, and we give it nearly as much power over our lives. M.T Anderson depicts a dystopian future that America may be adopting if corporate power is not curbed and

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