Argumentative Essay: The American Dream

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Sarthak Jain Mrs. Jarmer Eng. 102 October 1, 2015 The American Dream A great philosopher once said, “Where there is a will, there is a way,” the same goes for The American Dream. It doesn’t matters if a person is White, or African-American, or Indian, or Hispanic, or any other race and ethnicity, if person is dedicated and willing things can happen. Will it be difficult? You bet it will be, but is it unattainable? No not at all. The key to open the big door behind which their opportunities exists is the skill, and knowledge. Those days are long gone when having a college diploma, or a degree was enough to achieve The American Dream. For knowing how American dream is still attainable we first have to know what American dream is. American…show more content…
Many Americans thinks that American dream is not attainable anymore. They have created an illusion in their mind, but people forgets that time and things changes side-by-side, if time changes so do the way of doing things. Fewer and fewer America believe that they can even preserve their existing lifestyle, or their childrens will do any better. Many American seem to assume that there is less opportunity now than previous generations. But the question arise that is this reality that most Americans face. For answering this major question Saint Louis University’s, Psychological scientist, John Chambers conduct a research. In this research John will compare the tax records if nearly 40 million American with their parents two decades before, in addition researchers also pulled-out records from early 70’s to mid-90’s for obtaining prisezed results of social mobility. The results clearly states that at first social mobility didn’t declined over the years, and in fact it remained the same. This says one thing that it harder of americans to improve their social mobility as compare to earlier days, but “not impossible.” Secondly researchers discovered that Americans faced a lot of social mobility. It was notted that more than half of childrens who were born in lower-class families faced a social mobility towards middle, or upper class. Before research the assumpitons were that only 45% of the nextgenaratiuon childrens faced social mobility, but in the conclusion a total of 65% of the children shaved experienced a mobility in social classes. I am not deniying the fact that mostlikely americans stays in the same class that they born in, but we also have accept the fact that people in America faces social mobility, it doesn’t matters if they are americans or the immigrants from far ends of the world. According to the above research Americans has faced a positive change in economic position, and the thinking

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