Immigrants In Amy Tan's Two Kinds

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Many immigrants travel to the United States with the idea of fulfilling the sought out American Dream. America has been the land of opportunity where anything and everything is possible. A great example of this can be found in Amy Tan’s short story “Two Kinds”. The story focuses on Jing-Mei and her mother, Mrs. Woo. Mrs. Woo believes that with a lot of determination and effort Jing-Mei can become anything she wants to be including genius or prodigy. Throughout the story Jing Mei Woo is faced with trying to live up to the expectations that her mother has established for her. Coming from traditional Chinese upbringings, Mrs. Woo wants her daughter to fulfill the American dream. While participating in the numerous activities that her mother has…show more content…
In an excerpt from The New York Times by Quetzal Maucci says, “In discussions about children of immigrants, scholars often deal with statistics, but rarely with the actual individuals who have their own voices and ideas of identification. We are more than numbers, more than the reports that analyze our educational attainment and economic standing.” (2). This shows how society tends to many focus on numbers and economic standing but not the roots of the problem or the many backgrounds the children of immigrants come from. Moreover, there are many correlating factors that contribute to the growth and development of children of immigrants and how they develop and learn, and many different studies have been made on these factors alone including social and economic background and how that can have a lasting affect on the development of the children. In the article Making it in America: Social Mobility in the Immigrant Population by George J. Borjas “. Their economic performance will probably revert downward toward the population average. Similarly, even though the children of low-skill parents are themselves likely to be low-skilled, they are unlikely to be as unskilled as their parents.” The author touches on how children of immigrants however unskilled their parents may have been maybe they are less likely to be as unskilled as them because they will have the advantage of being introduced to a new language and setting much earlier than their parents. Also being as they didn’t have many technological advances in the generation previous to the one today many of the things that have been introduced technologically greatly help the generation of today. Having to find a job as well coming into a new country was also of a higher difficulty for previous generations. When you have two generations that have vastly different mindset there will be a

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