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Histological studies: The significance of fruit anatomy is well understood while analyzing the statements of various authors. Cuter (1971) is of the belief that fruit anatomy is not often used as a taxonomic character. Carlquist (1961) commented that the anatomical studies on the vegetative organs and to some extant floral parts have developed in greater measure but reflections on fruit anatomy are less. Eames and Mac Daniels (1947) also stressed the necessity of considering anatomical characters of mature fruit to determine its morphological nature. Arrangement of tissue and development are the two closely related aspects of any living matter. Many structures can be better understood if their development is known methodically or in other words…show more content…
The period of cell division may be short and eventually restricted to pre-anthesis time, while cell enlargement is always of greatest importance. Two major growth phenomena are involved in fruit development: longitudinal growth and growth in thickness which causes growth in circumference of the peripheral pericarp parts. Growth in thickness, on the other hand, can be accomplished by cell division periclinally to the fruit surface or by radial cell enlargement which is also related to the radial symmetry of the fruit (Roth, 1977). However, a pronounced change in structure takes place, as the ovary enlarges to transform into the mature fruit, this is usually accomplished by localized cell division. After a specific cell size is reached, division ceases. There is apparently an upper limit of cell size for cell division which also includes the state of the cell. When the cell has become vacuolated, cell division is usually suspended and cell enlargement begins. But also the amount of cell enlargement is limited by deposition of secondary wall material, which may become so strong that further enlargement is impossible (Sinnott,

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