Ozarks Medical Center Case Study

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Ozarks Medical Center was first opened on March 2, 1959 and now is a one hundred fourteen bed hospital with eight primary clinics and fifteen specialty clinics. The main campus is located in West Plains, Missouri but Ozarks Medical Center serves an eight-county area in south central Missouri and north central Arkansas. They currently have over twelve hundred employees. Ozarks Medical Center’s mission is “to provide exceptional, compassionate care to all we serve.” Their mission is “we will change lives by nurturing hope, improving health, and encouraging wellness- every person, every time.” There are many internal and external factors that impact Ozarks Medical Center. Their core values are accountability, superior service, teamwork, integrity,…show more content…
These two external factors affect all of Ozarks Medical Center’s internal factors, as well. Economic factors such as customer income, unemployment levels, interest rates and inflation affect how well Ozarks Medical Center does. External social factors such as poverty, access to health care and education also affect who uses Ozarks Medical Center’s services. The average median household income for a family in West Plains, Missouri is thirty thousand dollars. The hospital being located in a rural area with a lower average income is one of the biggest obstacles that Ozarks Medical Center faces. They must find ways to offer healthcare to patients at lower prices and make healthcare easily accessible to the patients. One example of how Ozarks Medical Center is overcoming this is by offering health fairs at many different locations. These health fairs often offer healthcare to patients for free or at minimal cost. While the low cost or free health fairs don’t do much for revenue, they help the community. They also led to other opportunities which now allows Ozarks Medical Center to do health fairs for many local businesses which the business’s insurance pays for. Another external factor that affects Ozarks Medical Center is competition, while there may not be another hospital within forty miles, there are larger healthcare systems that Ozarks Medical Center must compete with. Often severe traumas are flown to those larger healthcare systems if possible because Ozarks Medical Center is not as high-level trauma center as they are, therefore they are more equipped to handle those patients. Then, when discharged from those larger trauma centers, the patients have follow-up appointments with providers from those hospitals, therefore Ozarks Medical Center is not getting that business. Also, since Ozarks Medical Center is a smaller healthcare system often patients will drive to the larger

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