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Murder. The unlawful premeditated killing of one human by another. Jack the Ripper is a serial killer phenomenon that has stunned everyone since his first attack. With a target of prostitutes and a habit of eating organs, he has amazed everyone with the reasoning for his job. By abandoning the victims dismembered in alley ways, it was hard for the police to catch him in his act. This well known serial killer has yet to been discovered. He took lives of 5 women in the Whitechapel area. Detectives are still trying to make discoveries to this day on who the actual killer is. The mystery behind the gruesome, cannibalistic murders from Jack the Ripper can be summed up by two suspects: Aaron Kosminski and Severin Klosowski.…show more content…
In the time between August and November of 1888, in Whitechapel, 5 prostitutes were mutilated by a knife (“The Hunt”). The women who were known to be killed by him are Annie Chapman, Elizabeth Stride, Polly Nichols, Catherine Eddowes, and Mary Jane Kelly (“Jack the Ripper”). His killing tactic started with choking the women, then using a knife to slash the throat (Lerner). They did not end with being stabbed, there was a possibility of his eating organs after cutting them out (“Jack the Ripper”). He was also known for sending horrific letters before or after a killing. Fleet Street News Agency has a letter from Jack the Ripper; he claims “I am down on certain types of women and I won’t ripping them until I do get buckled” (Harrison and Hall). This shows his hatred for prostitutes and his huge psychotic personality. He did not end with the letters. He also sent half of a Kidney to the news agency claiming he ate the other half (Harrison and Hall). Lastly, detectives have information from witnesses to come up with a facial description using electronic facial identification technique, or EFIT. They know he was between 5’5 and 5’7, 25 to 35, and had dark hair with a mustache (Layton). This helps eliminate some of the other suspects that were soon show to not be guilty. The way the murders took place led to a terrifying, traumatic…show more content…
Klosowski matches the profile of a serial killer and has been charged with multiple murders. He shows no compassion towards any women or any past lovers. He lacks basic empathy, which could cause him to kill with no negative emotions. Although, Kosminski has DNA evidence linking him to the case and has almost stabbed his sister. Plus, he could have a disorder which makes him not think or behave clearly. No matter what, these murders have astonished and confused many detectives since the first drop of blood left the victim. Joseph Conrad, a Polish novelist, claims, “the belief in a supernatural source of evil is not necessary; men alone are quite capable of every

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