Fedex Supply Chain Case Study

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Contains the decisions that a company has to take in order to know what to produce, the materials needed, how much will the materials cost and ensure the delivery process from the supplier to the final customer is on-time with the lowest cost possible. FedEx Supply Chain provides top quality services for their customers with high-value products and critical supply chain requirements. FedEx cautiously integrates all of their programs, which leverage their immense shipping and information networks around the world, to their customer’s business requirements ensuring their customers receive the most improved supply chain performance. When our customers choose to outsource these modular solutions to us, they can focus more of their efforts and time…show more content…
Here are a few of the features and advantages the solution has to offer: Service: Choose from a range of robust transportation service options to match your unique needs — from 1-hour courier and next-flight-out to next-day and second-day delivery and returns. Gain added peace of mind with our 24/7 dedicated FedEx Command and Control customer support teams, who proactively monitor your orders and critical shipment milestones — keeping every delivery on track and on time. Technology: Skip the investment and ongoing expense associated with building your own supply chain platform. Our Global Supply Chain Manager technology was custom created to support the global movement of your critical service parts and finished goods inventory. Reduce the number of calls to your customer service center by utilizing the order placement, inventory management and visibility tools available on the FedEx Critical Inventory Logistics global customer web…show more content…
FedEx customers worldwide are now able to track the status of their orders and shipments and by easily logging into a web account on These advancements were developed by FedEx using an IT framework designed with the aim of ongoing global enhancements that will continue to meet their changing customer needs. Scheduling Is an efficient way of allocating, controlling and managing materials, capital and human resources to produce final goods from the available inputs? Schedules are more formal in the production of goods rather than services with short, medium and long term planning to assist customer demands. For services the demand is often more straight forward. At FedEx their main objective is to ensure a sustainable operations scheduling strategy by continually improving their delivery performance, reducing the time it takes to manufacture, minimizing employee costs to increase profits and outputs and improve service levels to remain competitive in the market. The functions of scheduling at FedEx include the allocation of services, making sure services are conducted to the maximum ability as well as using minimal capital to reduce costs. FedEx also specifies start and end times for deliveries and aims at continually maintaining these standards to keep their customers

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