Solar Energy Importance

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Solar energy is the most readily available energy source in the Earth blessed by nature. The radiant light energy from the sun contains photons which can be utilised by the solar cells to produce electrical power. The solar cells are made up of semiconductor materials. A single solar cell having very low power producing capability and thus we can use large number of cells in series and parallel to produce enough voltage and current. The power produced by the solar cells is directly depend upon the solar insolation. If more the insolation more will be the power and vice versa. In case of large array of the solar cells partial shading in some part of the panel will leads to the reduction in produced power. So with the help of some soft computing…show more content…
It is used as energy sources in various applications. It is considered as one of the most efficient and globally accepted energy sources because it is suitable for distributed generation, mobile applications, transportation, and satellite systems. In regard to endless importance of solar energy [1]. But in, PV generation systems having some drawbacks: The efficiency of power conversion from light energy to electric power is very low and will fully depend upon the weather. If light intensity is more the generated power is more and under low light condition the generated power also will reduce and the output voltage and current in PV modules are nonlinear. Fig.1shows the effect of shading on solar PV…show more content…
Equation (1) shows that the perturbation in duty cycle is computed by (1) previously. The difference between the previous duty cycle di(k) and the local best particles, Pbest,, 2)The difference between the previous Fig. 3: Flowchart for PSO method duty cycle di(k) and the global best particle Gbest. Thus, the power converter follows the two best Pbest, I mkf and Gbest at the same time. So we will get maximum tracking speed with an optimal solution. The velocity of the particles becomes practically zero when it reaches Maximum Power Out Point. So we can avoid steady state oscillation which are very critical and will leads to the reduction in MPPT efficiency. Is there any sudden changes in the environmental conditions, the P&O method can fails to track the direction of new MPP and tracking could be in a wrong direction. The proposed method works on three duty cycles. So the operating power information is obtained from all three duty cycles, so rapid fluctuations were not affected. During partial shading condition, the PV curve having multiple peaks during partial shading [9]. But, the conventional methods are most likely to trap at local maxima. In the case of PSO method which is based on a searching scheme. So it can track the maximum peak

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