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“The new child, Gabriel, was growing, and successfully passed the test of maturity that the Nurturers gave each month; he could sit alone, now, could reach for and grasp small play objects, and he had six teeth”(Lowry 113). Birthdays are special that you celebrate a special person. It isn’t just like birthdays that come and go, it is like birthdays you would get every year. Although the theme of the novel is without making choices there is no life, but families, jobs and birthdays are important ways of celebrating individuals. To begin, families are different from both society, how a mother and father get their babies. In their society, they are assigned babies they have to wait for the birth mother to deliver the baby then the birth mother…show more content…
For example, when you turn nine you will get a bike, when you turn twelve you would get jobs but in our society, we choose what gifts or presents we want. We all have similarities of getting gifts or presents and we turn different ages on birthdays. In Jonas society, they celebrate birthdays as ceremonies for example ceremonies of nines, twelves. Birthdays are more special when you celebrate it with your family and friends but not as an individual thing. “You’ll no longer be spending time with your group of Elevens. After the Ceremony of Twelve, you’ll be with your Assignment group, with those in training. No more volunteer hours. No more recreation hours. So your friends will no longer be close” (Lowry 18). “Then the Tens. Jonas never found the ceremony of Ten particularly interesting-only time-consuming, as each child’s hair was clipped neatly into its distinguishing cut: females lost their braids at Ten, and males, too, relinquished their long childish hair and took on the more manly short style which exposed their ears” (Lowry 46). Collaboratively, birthdays are to be celebrated for a special person or a group of people every

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