The Importance Of Self Tracking

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Self-Tracking: How to Live Better with Better Liver SELF-TRACKING “You can’t manage what you can’t measure”. -Peter Drucker, Management Theorist This tells us that unless success is defined, measured or tracked, whether or not we are successful in achieving our goal is still in doubt. To obtain our preferred outcome, we can measure improvements and the behavioral patterns that cause these improvements. Researchers refer to this process as self-tracking. People self-track because they believe they can achieve some level of self-knowledge or self-awareness through the quantitative data they collect. How does this help? Self-tracking may provide a glimpse of the future of healthcare. If you are keeping an eye on diseases, health indicators and the effectiveness of care, then self-tracking is the way for you. Though tracking your health has long been used by doctors, you can have more control of the data now that you can do it on your own. The main reason to track your health is to get some feedback on what you're doing and accomplishing. In most cases, self-tracking is all about watching your progress as you get into shape, lose weight, improve your training, or track your habits. Self-tracking can help you plan balanced meals comprised of all the food groups, thereby improving your nutritional status.…show more content…
How beneficial self-tracking is depends a lot on your own perspective, how encouraged you are by your goals, and whether seeing metrics makes you more likely to continue improving your health. If you are fascinated in testing on yourself a little keeping record of progress, self-tracking is great for health and exercise. If viewing a graph that breaks down your health isn’t thought-provoking or inspiring to you, then self-tracking really isn't going to help
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