Travel Diary Anastasiya Osipova Analysis

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Authors are responsible for letting their audiences to understand their works easily. Especially when there are unfamiliar, or abstract topics such as other countries’ history or the hot political issue. Anastasiya Osipova narrates the currently fluctuated Ukraine situation and Ukrainians’ contrasting emotion in “Travel Diary”. She informs audiences these ideas in an understandable way, utilizing shorthand word description, framing familiar environment, and the jumping chronological order. Though the background of “Travel Diary” is difficult to tell, audiences can still get the main idea of the passage. Osipova considers about her audiences from every single word choices that she reaches to all audiences with the variety of vocabulary. At the very beginning of the passage, Osipova describes her inner feeling: “my shell of a body is under an apricot tree in the…show more content…
With telling childhood memories in a past tense: “when I was a teenager, I lucked into joining a social club organized by a group of psychology and social-work grad students in Kyiv,” detailing about their activities and study routines such as “published a journal, collected artistic samizdat, read popular social theory”, Osipova depicts the Ukraine decades ago. Students can conduct activities freely without worrying about the social situation. After the past memories, she follows up the story with one family circumstance that “[her] mother detests Putin and has no inclination to seek comfort in propaganda of any sort, be it Russian or Ukrainian.” The discussion of political issue in Osipova’s family nowadays infers the same changing of Ukraine’s condition: peaceful before, and fluctuate at this moment. From audiences’ perspective that even ordinary families start to talk about the current political events, then the situation outside must be tensed and

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