Slavery In Slavery

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“I believe that the more you know about the past, the better you are prepared for the future.” Theodore Roosevelt. Slavery; the practice or system of owning slaves, cannot just be defined as that but as one of the greatest additions to today’s history. When history began to derive, United States was known as colonies of the new world. In approximately c.1600’s , the first African slaves had arrived in the New World right off the coast of Jamestown, Virginia. Any rights or freedoms that were given to the African Americans began to abate. Although, there were many different races amongst them, Africans were the most discriminated against even though they were the inferior race, they were the most favoured race because they had provided the…show more content…
Slavery had a notable part in today’s racial discrimination with laws such as Segregation, Jim Crow Law and Stereotyping. Segregation, Racial segregation was a system derived from the efforts of white Americans to keep African Americans in an accessory status by denying them equal access to public facilities and ensuring that blacks lived apart from whites. In 1857, the supreme court ruled that African Americans were not U.S citizens, so northern white people had excluded blacks from seats on public transportation. Rosa Parks whom was one of the victims of segregation refused to surrender her seat to a white passenger, furthermore arousing the montgomery boycott. They were also segregated from auditorms, churches and schools. Ruby B Bridges, one of the few African Americans who attended an all white school, that potentially broke down barriers, creating Jim Crow’s Law. However, some many argue that segregation does not exist and it is just a concept. In the wake of Civil War, three new amendments were added to the constitution. The 13th amendment had abolished slavery, the 14th made slaves citizens of the state, and the 15th amendment giving African Americans the right to vote. Some believe that 14th amendment states “everyone should be treated equally, but therefore it does not mean they should be treated the same.” Although, many of problems are apart of the past, the segregation that had…show more content…
Africa is in a relatively poor state of affairs today due to the events that occured years ago. The Europeans had encouraged civil war between the African tribes, they had done this to decimate males and use them as slaves. As well as preventing them from mating. The Europeans did not give them Africans useful technology because they did not want them to become advanced. They also did not give them the proper resources needed to advance so they could remain slaves. They were given cheap manufactured goods rather than technology which had set them a few years back. Although this took place around the 16th century, Africa is still in a poor state of

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