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The importance of Anne Bradstreet’s Poetry in the American Literature Anthology Anne Bradstreet contributes to the American anthology of literature because she gives us insight to the lives of the Puritan colonists, including their beliefs and struggles. She imparts this insight through poetry. Sometimes that poetry is droll and satiric, sometimes it is intellectual, sometimes spiritual and meditative, and sometimes it is shockingly honest. Worth mentioning is that she obtained the title of first American to be published and she did so as a Puritan woman living under the strictures of early colonial culture. This essay will detail what Anne Bradstreet brings to the table in reference to American literature as a woman and as a historian. Anne Bradstreet is important to American literature because she was a true talent who also imparted in her poetry the need for women to have a voice. In her poem In Honor of Queen Elizabeth she uses the Queen as an example of female strength and wisdom. She writes of the great achievements of the Queen then asks if because Queen Elizabeth is no longer living if women no longer have worth. In the next few lines she states that men have suppressed the voice of women, but the legacy of the Queen whose rule…show more content…
She also used the artistry of her poetry to show that the writings of women could have merit. In her prologue which can be interpreted as a satirical writing she introduces her book of poetry by saying men can surely do better than this but still let me show you what I can do. She says I’m not trying to compete with the the writings of men and surely you know, “This mean and unrefined ore of mine will make your glist’ring gold but more to shine.” As a female poet Bradstreet is set apart in that she was able to have both the freedom to express her belief in equality and the acceptable life of a average colonial

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