Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

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Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was born on 2nd October, 1869 at Porandar, Gujarat. His family for three generations has occupied the high office of Diwan (Prime minister) in several Kathiawad states. Karamchand Gandhi was a lover of his clan, honest, bold and kind. Even though he had no education, he was a man of experience. The strongest influence in Gandhi’s childhood was from his mother Putlibhai. She was intelligent and well informed with the matters of the state. Gandhi learnt about spirituality from his mother. She used to take all the hardest vows and complete it; even illness was no excuse for skipping the vows. It was from his mother he learned the technique of appealing to the heart through self suffering. In school Gandhi…show more content…
It was even worse for his brother who had to totally quite school after marriage. In school Gandhi had hated physical activities. He used to find reasons to bunk drill classes. But his headmaster Mr. Gimi was strict about students attending drill classes. One Saturday Gandhi had to go to gymnastic class from home at four o’ clock, he had no watch and the clouds also deceived him. When he reached school, the students had already left the ground. The next day Gandhi was called by the headmaster. He told the headmaster about what had happened, but the headmaster was not ready to believe Gandhi. He was accused of lying, which deeply hurt him. The reason for his dislike towards the drill classes was his keen desire to nurse his father. From his school life Gandhi also understood the importance of learning Hindi, Guajarati and Sanskrit. Furthermore he felt difficulty in learning English medium but with the help of his teachers and his hard work he was able to…show more content…
The incidents during this part of his life helped molding Gandhi into a strong and bold character. The values of Ahimsa and truthfulness were rooted into Gandhi right from his

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