The Importance Of Plants

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Plants are the backbone of all life on earth and an essential resource for human well-being. Just think about how everyday life depends on plants. They are used as materials for shelter, nourishment, technology and healthcare. Plants are also used as natural medicines. They can also be used directly as tea or in other extracted forms for their natural chemical constituents, and may be used as agents in the synthesis of drugs. Plants also enhance the environment with their beauty and help other living creatures. Plants help other creatures to survive by providing oxygen. Most of our daily needs totally depend on plant products and plants also depend on other animals for obtaining carbon dioxide and nutrients. Everything that one eats…show more content…
The content of essential oil varies drastically with climate, time of harvest and storage conditions; extreme values are 0.75% and 6.5%. Main components are the phenols, Thymol (ca. 40%) and carvacrol (ca. 15%). In winter, phenol content is lower (but mostly Thymol); in summer, more phenols (up to 70%) are found, with significant amounts of carvacrol. Further components in the essential oil are thymol methyl ether (2%), cineol, cymene, alpha-pinene, borneol and esters of the latter…show more content…
Thyme oil is divided into two types, red, unrectified oil and white, rectified oil. An oleoresin is also extracted and commercially available. Both the essential oil and oleoresin of Thyme are used in the flavour and food industries. As a pharmaceutical, the oils Thymol and carvacrol are used in mouth fresheners, toothpastes, soaps, creams, salves, lotions, liniments, throat lozenges, and cold remedies. The oil is also used in the manufacture of perfumes and

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