Importance Of Comminution In A Cement Plant

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The goal of this article is to show the importance of comminution techniques in a cement plant. Comminution, also called size reduction, involves the reduction of raw ores to their fine sizes. It involves two processes: Liberation is the first one which is the crushing and grinding of rocks to unlock important minerals so that they can be put to full or partial exposure. The second one is the adjustment of the size of the mineral particles to adapt to the optimum size for the sequential separation processes. It is obvious that there is a certain amount of energy that is consumed for each process and this is where the three laws of comminution play part. The first law relates the energy consumed to the area of the new surface produced by crushing…show more content…
Research Definition In my research project I propose to investigate on the comminution techniques done in a cement plant. Through this investigation I want to research about techniques used in comminution in a cement plant and the methods used to optimize comminution. I will present my findings to Dr J.H. Zietsman and my fellow second-year metallurgical engineering students. This will help my fellow students understand comminution and its importance in a cement plant. To answer the research question and solve the problem, I propose to define the comminution processes in a cement plant together with the equipments used for each process, identify the forces that result in these equipments, present the ranges of comminution efficiency for the equipment used together with the methods used to optimize comminution and define the three laws of comminution. Benefits My fellow students will benefit from this research since they will have a more understanding of the following: Comminution and its importance in a cement plant, processes involved in communition and methods used to optimize…show more content…
Resources Required A book ,different coloured pens and a desktop computer or laptop with internet access and Latex installed in. Deliverables A basic knowledge on communition. 3 Comminution in a cement plant Comminution Comminution in a cement plant involves the following processes: Crushing, grinding of fuel, raw meal grinding section and cement grinding section. The crushing process involves the primary and the secondary stages. The primary stage, where a jaw crusher is used shown in figure 1, involves the reduction of the rocks to about the sizes of soft balls and in the secondary stage, the gyratory crusher in figure 2 crushes the primary product to even smaller sizes. The grinding of fuel section involves the usage of a ball mill where coal of a size that is more or less 20mm is grinded up to a powder for kiln firing purposes. In the raw meal grinding section, ball or vertical roller mills (shown in figure 3) are used to grind the product to finer forms and the cement grinding section involves the usage of ball and rod mills in

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