Argumentative Essay On Marriage

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The name of month December and January should be changed to shaadiember and marriagary. You can see marriage halls occupied and rishtaa aunties in their full swing. Even your social media websites and applications are occupied with marriage stuff. No matter your Instagram, Facebook newsfeed or Snapchat stories. The most trending thing is marriage. It’s time to realize getting married is not a goal or a dream. Let’s see how we will prove it Tick Tock The culture or society in which we are living is extremely sexist to both genders whether you are male or female. A girl doesn’t only have to leave her home, parents, lifestyle, freedom etc. There is also a psychological tick-tock in her brain since she turns 20. Everyone asking when you are getting married? Are you engaged or committed? Trust me, this tick-tock is a constant nuisance hanging over heads. There is so much that you can do with your life. You should study, work, build a career, travel the world! To this…show more content…
Who is telling you not to do this stuff? You can do all of this after your shaadi (marriage).” Before and after marriage During the prenuptial period, everyone in on their best behavior. It seems like a Bollywood romantic movie or a fairy-tale. This rule is not applied to the couple but to the families as well. Seriously dude the gifts, wedding preparations and compliments are only to make a good impression. Right after marriage, the mother-like mother-in-law is suddenly turned into Cruella de Vil and the best daughter-in-law tag is exchanged with worst daughter-in-law tag. The bahu (daughter-in-law) suddenly sits, walks, cooks and even breathes in the wrong way. Dowry So ladies, how many of you wants that your father income is wasted? It is easy to say jahaez aik lanaat. But it is extremely difficult to implement on it. No one is capable to say that he or his family don’t want anything. The common dialogue ‘I am bringing my daughter at her home, not

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