Can Evolution Coexist With One Another?

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The object of “Science, Evolution and Creationism”, is to explain the principles of evolution, the significance of scientific knowledge and the role that creationism plays in it all. Scientific and technological advances have had a profound effect on the study of evolution. With these advances biologists have discovered the importance of DNA and how it is solely responsible for continuity of organisms on earth. However, without the understanding of evolution this discovery would be pointless. Scientific knowledge and Evolution rely on one another; to understand the nature of science, evolution must be accepted. However, the daunting question that has been asked many times is, can creationism and evolution coexist with one another? One of the…show more content…
The evolution of plants is very interesting, especially when you discuss the domestication of plants. Scientist hypothesized that the domestication of plants occurred 11,000 years ago in the Middle East. This process of domestication was attempted by the early farmers picking the plants with the most advantageous traits and then planting them for later use. This process is also called artificial selection, which resulted in the early farmers creating plants that were better suited for their environment. This concept of planting advantageous seeds has been carried on thousands and thousands of years, resulting in many other domesticated plants. However, the process of natural selection is not only found in biology, but also in the development of new molecules. Chemists have applied natural selection in their work by creating new molecules with advantageous traits. Forming new molecules from natural selection is done by repeating the process of selection several times. Chemists have used this process of selection when converting corn stalks into ethanol. In return, the molecules have enhanced abilities because of the many selections done for the most suitable molecule
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