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1. INTRODUCTION 1.1 Investigative question How will the use of pesticides and the presence of aphids affect the growth of iceberg rose bushes? 1.2 Background information In South Africa, Iceberg Roses are not only known to bloom all year round but they are also known to attract aphids. This not only causes for the flowers of the plants to look unappealing but they can also affect the growth of the plant. However, the problem that many rose bush owners have is that they do not know if growing a plant with the use of pesticides will be of benefit or if it will also degrade the flowers’ quality and the growth rate of the plant. The iceberg is a white floribunda rose cultivator group bred in Germany in 1958. The plant has gone under the marketing names of Iceberg, Fée des Neiges and Schneewittchen. The cultivar was developed by the rose breeder, Kordes during 1958 in Germany. The parent varieties of the…show more content…
The independent variables of the experiment will be the placing of the plants, whether they are in the enclosure or not, and the pesticides allocations, meaning that only the plants in the enclosure will be sprayed while the others are not. The controlled variables are the type of plants, the size of the flower pots, the amount of time for the plants to be left outside, the type of soil, the general age of the plants and the amount of water each plant receives. 1.4 Aim The aim of the investigation is to establish the better option of growing techniques used when planting roses. The techniques being having the use of pesticides present whilst the plants are in an enclosure or not have the presence of pesticides as well as the plants not being put in an enclosure. 1.5 Hypothesis If the rose bushes are placed within a secure enclosed area, then the pesticides will cause the plants to grow at a higher quality, size and state of health than those outside of the

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