The Importance Of Personal Privacy

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Every day the privacy of American citizens is being violated. Unknowingly information such as messages, phone calls, google searches, history, and even posts on social media is being saved automatically and can be opened to view at any time the government chooses. In the book Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell, the society lived under a totalitarian government. Meaning they had no freedom whatsoever. Therefore, privacy was consistently taken away from them. Truthfully, for the greater good of society, it is better not to give up aspects of personal privacy. The privacy violations Americans experience today are similar to the privacy violations in 1984 because the government spies without permission, technology is being used against us and it is said that these…show more content…
That it will help stop crime, like terrorism to be exact. Well as stated in article “Big Brother I Watching You, Long Beach: New Police Surveillance System Unveiled” by Lauren Lloyd, she contends, “Police Chief Jim McDonnell and Mayor Bob Foster officially launched the “state-of-the-art program” Monday, one “that will improve community safety and change the way the Long Beach Department responds to crime…” (Lloyd, 2012). Despite the police having this surveillance over us, crime has still continued to occur. There is still robbery’s, shootings and terrorists attacks happening every day and this new system has not stopped one. Also, Lloyd discusses, “Though members of the community have understandably voiced concern over privacy violations, “the chief noted the cameras are located in the public sector and the system won’t be used to monitor any public locations unless there are real security concerns…” (Lloyd, 2012). This demonstrates that the public has spoken up about not being okay with their privacy being violated but the chief said they would only look into them if necessary, but who’s to say they do not still

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