Elinor's Sister Marianne Dashwood In Sense And Sensibility

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The next female antagonist belonging to the category of self-centred girls is Elinor’s sister Marianne Dashwood from Sense and Sensibility. While the classification of Marianne as her sister’s antagonist might cause confusion or even objections/disapproval as she naturally loves her sister and encourages her potential relationship with Edward Ferrars (source?), she endangers nonetheless Elinor’s happy ending – albeit unknowingly and unintentionally, and on a low level. Marianne’s emotional nature provides the basis for this threat: her characterisation at the beginning of the novel/novel-initial presents her as “sensible and clever; but eager in every thing; her sorrows, her joys, could have no moderation” (SS 8), and thereby foreshadows her incessant occupation with her feelings which is going to be her undoing in the course of Sense and Sensibility. This preoccupation with her emotions, in turn, is a sign of her self-centredness or even selfishness. As Marianne is led by her emotions, she often speaks her mind openly without thinking and restraint, and thereby treads on the toes of others. However since she, according to Morgan’s suggestion, “[believes] her own forms of judgment and behaviour to be…show more content…
It is safe to assume that, as a result, Mrs Ferrars is even more ill-disposed towards Elinor than before, and considers her potential threat to her schemes to be greater as well. Elinor, on the other hand, who does not feel insulted by Mrs Ferrars’ remarks, is however embarrassed by her sister’s outburst and is left to take care of her when she breaks down crying (cf. ibid.). In short, one could argue that Marianne endangers Elinor’s happy ending with Edward in so far as her sister’s relationship to her potential mother-in-law deteriorates due to Marianne’s emotional

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