Healthy Food Essay

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Every person wants to eat healthy foods that enhance a gorgeous and healthy skin. It is even fun when you do this effortlessly. Nutritionists have always said that diet plays a very significant role in promoting luscious look. You are what you eat. Eating nutrient-rich foods stimulates the skin rejuvenation thanks to specific ingredients which are already in your cabinet and fridge. Below are best eight foods that you can eat for a shinier, stronger and healthier skin and hair. 8. Kale Kale is an all-time trendy green vegetable. It is packed with omegas, fiber, manganese and vitamins A, B6, K and C. All these nutrients make it one of the most nutrient-rich dense foods in the produce section. One cup of fresh kale contains about 10 percent omega-3 fatty acids RDA, which helps in reducing inflammation in the body. Kale is an ideal antioxidant and comes with other benefits such as boosting immunity, healthier bones and…show more content…
Yogurt is an ideal food for a gorgeous skin, although at times, it feels naughty to consume. It is packed with protein and calcium that maintains beautiful teeth, which promotes a gorgeous grin. It also contains good bacteria or natural live active agents which aid in digestion and mitigates lactose intolerance leading to a flat tummy. 3. Seaweed Also known as hijiki salad or wakame, seaweeds have been consumed by the Japanese for thousands of years. Sea vegetables are super foods that help consumers maintain a slim body and a radiant skin. They are loaded with iron and phytonutrients which aid in blood circulation and help in attaining smooth legs and a supple, fabulous skin. Seaweed nutrients such as selenium, omega 3 fatty acids, zinc, copper, iodine, manganese and iron improve reproductive health and play vital roles in promoting gorgeous nails, skin and hair. Be sure to pair this seaweed salad with miso or sushi to get the best results. 2.
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