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3.1 Difference in ways of Greetings Sociologist Erving Goffman regards greeting as a sign and identification of the beginning of communication. It has the function of establishing or ending interpersonal relationships, and it is a ceremonial act. Whether in China or in the west, to see friends or acquaintances say hello, greeting is a common courtesy. But the greetings of the West are different. Do not pay attention to differences between Chinese and Western greetings, will have a lot of negative effects. Talking with the British and the Americans, if not in accordance with their social customs, will cause mistakes and incomplete understanding or misunderstanding. We should learn to avoid these. In China, we often use "hello" to greet friends or elders, whether it is the first time to meet or at any time of the day. English in…show more content…
How about your kids? “These are not directly translated into English. If directly translated into English, will appear much unexpected, Westerners will not understand, and even cause misunderstanding. Foreigners who do not understand Chinese cultural practices do not think that this is a greeting of communicative action. Instead, they think that the other is exploring their own privacy and causing unpleasantness. So Westerners are most likely to respond to this greeting. : "It's none of your business." Westerners have their own set of greeting skills. British and American greetings are generally used “good morning \ afternoon \ evening, how do you do, how are you doing?” Because of the different cultural background, when greetings Chinese do not care about clothes and dress, Influenced by the thousand years of feudal thought, Chinese men and women do not greet others with their appearance and dress, but by character, talent and wisdom. The West is very curious about the new things, they are very easy to pay attention to new cars, new clothes, and new hairstyles and praise

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