A Mercy Floren Character Analysis

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The book, A Mercy, tells the story of a young slave girl named Florens who, throughout a series of complicated events told from multple perspectives, must blossom into her own individual personality and make ammends with her complicated past. Florens, being raised as a slave for the majority of her life, faces obstacles throughout the story that challenge her own personal growth. When faced with rejection, betrayal, and the shot at freedom, Florens eventually grows into her own, independent person. Near the beginning of Florens's story, the reader learns that she was betrayed by her mother and sold to a merchant to be his slave. Struggling with the seperation and removal from her mother, Florens begins her life lacking self confidence and constantly seeks for her own place of belonging and an individual who will give her the sensation of “ownership” as a way of cooping with the loss of her parental figure. Earlier in her life, Florens could be described as a “combination of defenselessness, eagerness to please, and most of all, a willingness to blame herself for the meanness of others” (Morrison 179) meaning that Florens demonstrated a personality of weakness and gullibility. With these same character traits, Florens…show more content…

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