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Girl revolves around the relationship between Kincaid and her mother. Kincaid’s relationship with her mother seems hostile because her mother speaks to Kincaid in a harsh tone. The mother tries to instill her traditional values on Kincaid in a commanding fashion but Kincaid is growing up in a changing world. The mother’s values probably derive from her own experiences as a young. The mother’s instructions don’t hit home with Kincaid because in an interview Kincaid says she rapidly outgrew the things she left her home especially the feeling that she was always going to be her mother’s daughter (CHF, Jamaica Kincaid on writing, her life, and The New Yorker). Kincaid stops being her mother’s daughter and learns her own values from her own experiences.…show more content…
Johns, Antigua. Kincaid received a British education. Kincaid mentions being an intelligent but also defiant child (CHF, Jamaica Kincaid on writing, her life, and The New Yorker). Kincaid’s family grew rapidly and she lost her mother’s affection. With 3 more mouths to feed, her family struggled to provide for her both financially and emotionally. Kincaid was forced to leave school and become her family’s breadwinner as an au pair. Her parents focused on her 3 brothers and she felt abandoned saying “ There was no future for me, nothing planned. In fact my education was so casually interrupted, my life might very well have been destroyed by that casual act” (qtd. Jamaica Kincaid Life Events). While in the US, Kincaid broke off contact with her family and quit her job as an au pair. Free from her family’s oppression she pursued a new

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