How Does Disney Movies Affect Society

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Overtime, social media such as Disney movies have changed each and every woman’s aspects in life. Disney movies have caught millions of young girl’s attention through the magical fairytale stories it portrays. However, behind those captivating Disney movies it has a negative impact towards the young children. Disney movies have changed the meaning of beauty. Women have created high expectations from society, including their appearance, responsibilities, behaviors, and lastly their romance that is influenced by Disney movies. APPEARANCE During their childhood, young girls would see the beautiful princesses dressed in tight elegant dress that exaggerates their thin waist, waking up with makeup on, having the perfect face structure and having…show more content…
Such as cleaning the house, cooking for family, nurturing the kids, and always caring for the husband. In Disney movies women are portrayed to stay at home and do the domestic tasks. Furthermore, women are seen to be weak and obedient in our society. But as of now women’s roles and responsibilities are derived from a new entirely different expectations .This is also seen in a change in Disney movies. In the movie Brave,” a young Princess named, Merida, a skilled archer who needs to use her fighting skills to break an evil curse” (Kathryn Brostowiz, Disney Movies Affect Feminism in Society). Instead of Merida waiting for a prince to save her from the evil curse, she goes out and tackles her obstacle by herself. This proves that Disney princess could save themselves from trouble without the help of man. It also proves that Disney princess are not designated to stay at home and wearing elegant dresses or waiting for a prince to marry them and live happily ever after but to also go out the face their troubles. Kathryn Brostowiz stated that, “Disney does not support the oppression of women, but instead reflects the images of women as they are in particular decade” (Disney Movies Affect Feminism in Society). As long as Disney characters progress to have a better role and show positive change and so will women in our society. The media plays a significant role for the audience such as children to be influence by the attitudes and morals of the characters they see in the

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