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Chinese Symbols in Disney Movie Mulan In 1929 disney introduced the first nine original princess. Over 75 years later there will be a total of fifteen Disney princesses. The film company, Disney, has created many diverse characters that young boys and girls look up to during their childhood. Because Disney has created different diverse characters, they have introduced children to new cultural history from around the world. Overall Disney has done a fair job at articulating different cultures. an example of this is in the film Mulan. In the movie Mulan, there are many symbols of Chinese culture, including arranged marriages, importance of respecting their ancestors, their clothes and makeup, and lastly the food they ate. The first example…show more content…
The importance of this is stressed throughout the movie, and there is even a song dedicated to honoring Mulan’s ancestors. The song Honor to Us All states that “ a girl can bring great honor to her family in one way, by striking a good match.” Girls in China were scared in the movie, and in china, because they did not want to disappoint their families. Mulans lives with her mother and father, along with her grandmother. This is a three generational family, this was typical in Chinese culture. In ancient Chinese culture, honoring your family and elders through respectful relationships was called Daoism. Daoism’s main beliefs were having respectful relationships between families and other community members are an essential teaching of forums. In the movie Mulan this is depicted accurately because Mulan does not want to let down her family, and show shame to them. Throughout the movies many characters were shown in traditional silk outfits. At the beginning of the Movie Mulan was seen wearing a pink and red dress, which are traditional dress colors. Chinese were, and still are the biggest producers of silk. They grow their silk using silk worms. Because of the accessible and cheap silk, most commoners had silk to wear, including the fictional character

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