Great Gatsby Reflection

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The book “The Great Gatsby” is well known novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald but told from the perspective of the narrator Nick Carraway. The Great Gatsby was a reflection of Fitzgerald real life he used life examples to paint the american dream he was going for. The Great Gatsby starts off with the central character Nick Carraway telling the story from his point of view. The main characters are Nick, Daisy, Tom Jay Gatsby, and Jordan. Daisy is Nick’s cousin and Daisy is married to Tom. Gatsby is a character that tries to live the “American Dream” he is always going above and beyond just to make people like him and his amazing parties that he puts on even though most people don’t know who this mysterious man is. Gatsby and Daisy are very much in love with each other but when Gatsby leaves for war and does not come back that leaves Daisy in distraught. After five years Daisy moves on and ends up marrying Tom Buchanan still having strong feelings for Gatsby. When Gatsby enters Daisy life again everything changes for them both even though Tom and Daisy are married that does not stop them from cheating on each other. Tom soon realize what is going on and does not like Gatsby, but that will not stop him from getting what he wants. Nick’s assertion that Gatsby is worth more than “the whole damn bunch put together” is is supported by Gatsby’s purer…show more content…
In the essay Henry Gatsby says, “Of course we was broke up when he run off from home, but I see now there was a reason for it. He knew he had a big future in front of him” (Fitzgerald 172). Gatsby was from a little farm, he barely had a house with a roof and walls. Even though he knew he wanted to become something big he did not want to stay home forever. When he ran away he knew what his plan was and ever since then he has proved that he would live the “American Dream” with the big mansion, and parties every weekend, and women
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