How Is Churchill Relevant Strategic Leaders During Ww2

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Any man could speak these words, but few could make them convincing. Churchill spoke these famous words as the Nazi Army threatened British invasion. Hopelessness spread across Europe since Hitler’s Polish invasion in September 1939, but in June 1941, Churchill solidified British resolve with such boldness and clarity that people again had hope. A lesser man may have led Britons to defeat; instead Churchill boldly led them to their “finest hour.” I argue that Prime Minister Churchill was a superbly relevant strategic leader during World War II. He displayed the tenets of relevancy leading up to the war, then he used this relevancy to exhibit meta-leadership and communicate a clear vision. To support my argument, I will first describe relevancy and provide evidence of Churchill’s exceptional personality, character, competence, and drive. I will then describe how his relevancy positioned him to exhibit meta-leadership to entice the U.S. to support the European front. Lastly, I will analyze how his relevancy carried his vision of survival to the British public.…show more content…
His internal drive was obvious to a childhood friend when he said at just 17 years old, “I shall be in command of the defenses… it will fall to me to save the Capital and save the Empire.” This sentiment manifested itself throughout Churchill’s life. In 1892 he failed the entrance exams twice for the Royal Military College at Sandhurst. Many would have given up, but he passed on his third try in 1893. He also failed at his first attempt running for Parliament, but he persevered and was elected in 1900. Even in the face of defeat, such as his expulsion from office for the embarrassing failure of the British Navy at Gallipilo, his drive returned him to military service in the field and eventually back into political office. , Had he lacked such formidable drive, he would not have been a viable option for Prime

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