Anita Desai And Nasra Analysis

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Having control over things is what we all desire, however being controlled by someone else is an ideology despised by many. Take a brief moment and imagine how your life would be without being controlled by anything or anyone; be it your family, your loved one or being enslaved by any object in the world. Authors use different techniques when addressing the same concept to portray their own perceptions on various situations or rather to position their reader to respond into certain ways. Anita Desai and Nasra in the short stories ‘surface textures’ and ‘ANDBWAND’ appear to raise a similar concept nonetheless in varied ways. Nonetheless they both use characterization and style to build up on epiphany. Anita Desai’s stories are set in present day Bombay and other cities in India to reflect on urban life, . Her stories are inhabited with intensely individual characters. For Instance, Surface Textures is a story that is personalized with an individual…show more content…
In both short stories there were objects that define the characters. For instance in surface textures the melon was used to describe a spiritual journey of Harish’s life meanwhile the spiders in the building a web illustrates the beginning of a life changing experience for Aurora. Symbolism is used in both text to allow the readers t perceive a different interpretation of the texts. This is because if t weren’t for the use of symbolism then it would be very difficult for the readers to be able to understand Harish’s story, same applies to Aurora’s life changing experience. Can you imagine how tasteless a story would be without the use f style? Henceforth the use of symbolism in both texts has critically influenced the readers through a guided interpretation though the guiding couldn’t be more than just a deliberate cause. The use of symbolism used in these two texts enabled the readers to depict the authors own interpretation of the

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