Personal Essay: Why I Want To Be A Doctor

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When I was in middle school, I remember taking one of those potential career quizzes and getting "doctor" as one of my options. From that day on I decided I wanted to be a doctor. Of course, like most kids, at the time I didn't have a legitimate reason for this career choice, simply that it seemed interesting and catered towards my aspirations. It wasn't until I was in high school that the idea of being a doctor became a real goal for me. During that time, I took a three-year career-tech healthcare course, and it opened my eyes to the healthcare world and how truly remarkable it was. During the first year, I learned all about what exactly healthcare was, not just the different types of medicines and the medical professionals who treated or cared for people, but the complexities of the healthcare…show more content…
I love the human body, it's this beautiful, complex, extraordinary machine that keeps us alive, and to be able to make sure that it works the way it's supposed to is both a daunting and remarkable task. I want to help people; humanities greatest cause is to make the world a better place and helping others is my way of doing just that. To be able to positively impact someone's life, to show them that I care, to heal them, gives me a feeling unlike any other, like I have a purpose, that I matter. Being a doctor would combine this passion of mine with this desire in the most seamless way. It is the reason I'm studying pre-med, the reason I grit my teeth through every late night, every exam, and every roadblock; because I want to do something I love, that makes me happy. That is my motivation to study, to eventually work in the healthcare field, to make other people's lives better, and in doing so, make mine better as

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