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Part 1: LITERATURE REVIEW SECTION Topic question : "Why The Majority I-Taukei Students Fail Mathematics In Suva Methodist Primary?" Introduction - clearly stated highlighting what is to be covered in the chapter "Failure in Mathematics means failure in life."(Wilson 2014) Life is full of complications and thus needs skills and knowledge for instant resolutions. In order to engage successfully in life one has to be able to make wise decisions to solve problems. One of the ways to be able to solve problems is by using mathematics. Mathematics begins as soon as one wakes up in the morning till he goes back to bed. From checking the time on the wall, carrying out measurements for breakfast pastries, shopping, receiving the right change from the bus driver till taking the right number of pills before going to bed, all require a sound knowledge of mathematics. Therefore, the teaching and learning of mathematics in primary school is of grave importance and needs to be relooked at. This review firstly covers literature on…show more content…
(Ana Miranda and Rosa Garcia 2004) They also elaborate that there is a lack of new assessments and intervention ways to assist students with learning calculations. : Ana Miranda, C. and C. Rosa Garcia is the availability of educational resources that matches their age group or grade. about inventions of new evaluation and intervention methods for students with learning difficulties in computation and problem solving. They are; teachers knowledge of the subject matter, the mandated assessment and the role of parents. They also include their recommendations for the evaluation of the current assessment and intervention plans as well as the need for developing a national program that will support the goal of numeracy for each student. van Kraayenoord, C.E. and

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