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Tea plantation is one of the major industries of the world that requires a large number of workers. Tea plantations had been carried out in various places of Assam, India during the colonial rule. Assam produces more than 54 per cent of the annual tea produce. The British managed workers from various places of India for the Assam tea gardens. The workers were mostly tribal and backward Hindu by caste. They came to distant Assam tea gardens to work here to improve their conditions of life. But reverse happened as the life was rather difficult in the tea gardens. They were tortured and exploited. Their dream shattered. They could not leave the gardens too. Under these circumstances, they started living in the gardens and many generations had passed thus. The present paper portrays the picture of tea tribes who migrated to Assam and worked…show more content…
They could not think of the cruelty of the British made tea estate. They were simple and easy going persons who could easily be motivated by the Sahukars. Besides, the poverty compelled them to take up the job of bonded labour. They did not have any options before them but choose to work in the plantations sites of Assam. A large number of people were recruited by the British tea garden authority in Assam. This attempt was first made by the Assam Company in 1841. The company forcefully recruited almost seven hundred workers locally from the various parts of Assam to the plantation sites. But many of them died due to cholera and many fled the estates in the darkness of night. In order to ease out the labour scarcity, the ‘Women’s Breach of Contract Act’ was passed in 1859. Accordingly, workers were recruited from the outside of Assam through contracts. The agents or brokers were appointed to recruit the labour from outside. Besides, the ‘Sardari System’ was introduced in 1870 to recruit labours. These act and system helped to manage labours for the tea estates without any

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