Summary Of Salsa Soul And Spirit By Joana Bordas

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Effective Leadership in a Multicultural Society Mamata Shrestha Walsh University Joana Bordas writes this excellent leadership book: Salsa, Soul and Spirit, where she approaches the topic of effective leadership especially in the context of Black, Latino and American Indian communities. It emphasizes the history, challenges and cultural values of these communities, and how these differences can proactively influence a culturally inclusive leadership form. As America is the nation of immigrants, this book addresses the importance of influences of variety of culture and provides leadership perspective for our multicultural society. Bordas has used her experience, knowledge and resources to write this informative book to delineate the qualities of an effective leader in this mosaic society.…show more content…
I want to understand a leadership perspective that integrates cultural differences and though this book talks about leadership in Hispanic, African- American and Native American perspective, I can relate to a lot of aspects that Bordas mentions. She writes that multicultural leadership creates people-centered, community-focused and advocacy-oriented practices. I want to understand the qualities of an affective leader and values of patients so I can implement my differences in a positive way that will benefit my patients and co-workers. Bordas writes, “A multicultural leadership orientation incorporates many cultural perspectives, appreciates differences, values the unique contributions of diverse groups, and promotes learning from many orientations. People are encouraged to maintain their cultural identity while at the same time participating in and contributing to the larger

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