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Principles continue to enforce school suspension to students who misbehave as a go-to mechanism, and is being used by schools continuously. Parents seem to agree with them as well, saying that it is a good method to separate the bad students from further influencing the good ones. School suspension is a mandatory leave assigned to a student as a form of punishment that can last anywhere from one day to several weeks depending on how serious a crime was committed. During this time the student is not allowed to attend regular school lessons. After reading the definition you can almost immediately spot the flaws in this form of punishment, those being what if a student simply doesn’t care whether they skip their lessons or how instead of speaking with the student and trying to piece together the full picture, the school thinks it best to separate the student from the situation…show more content…
In schools across the U.S., school suspensions have become a default punishment. This goes for not only drug possession and fights but also for threats, displays of affection, dress-code violations, truancy, tardiness, and refusal to follow directions. Suspension rates have more than doubled over the past three decades across all grade levels. "[Suspension] makes no sense, because students are losing class time," says Daniel Losen, a senior education law and policy associate for the Civil Rights Project at UCLA. "They are often not being supervised. They are not learning anything. No one is teaching them about misbehavior. No one is making sure they are prepared to return to school." School suspensions are supposed to be a punishment to scare students into keeping in line and not misbehave. It is often said that misbehaved students are unresponsive to education, but that just gives more reason to try and help

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