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How One Survives the Summer With a Broken Ankle The moment someone breaks their ankle they know it. It is awful to temporarily impair oneself from walking, running, or overall moving. A common break for most children is called a Salter Harris Fracture. This is when one cracks or breaks their Epiphyseal plate, otherwise known as the growth plate. Breaking an ankle is a nuisance and a problem that no one wants to deal with, especially over the summer. When one fractures or breaks this particular bone over the summer they question what they should do. Being that one cannot take part in many traditional summer festivities, individuals think that they can't do anything. Not understanding that's the farthest thing away from the truth. During…show more content…
While swimming, the person experiences a tremendous amount of entertainment. However, one cannot walk, put any weight on the damaged ankle, or get their boot wet. As long as they do not perform any of the actions listed previously they should be fine. Swimming is an enjoyable experience that the individual will appreciate. In addition, swimming puts one's mind off their stubborn broken ankle. When I broke my ankle the thought of summer being ruined nearly consumed me. I believed that my summer was ruined and that I could not do anything. I soon realized I was wrong when my mom told me that instead of watching Netflix all day I should swim. Swimming is a great way to pass the time in a blissful…show more content…
Although summer work is an overall nuisance to a person’s entire summer. It benefits an individual in a positive way. Moreover, he or she can complete so much in such a little amount of time when they are focused on the task at hand and have nothing else to do. In addition, almost every student puts off summer homework till the last month or week before school starts. They procrastinate until the last minute which causes them to not comprehend the material, so instead of waiting till the last minute, do it when recovering. In addition, dreadful summer homework actually, satisfies an invisuals boredom. After all, doing summer homework is a great way to spend one's

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