Sex Offender Registry Research Paper

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The sex offender registry was originally created with the intent to be a private registry used by law enforcement. Law enforcement would have a database with all of the community members who had convicted violent sex crimes. In the 1980's and 1990's several laws in response to "stranger danger" cases made this registry available to the whole public. This public sex offender registry gave away the offender's name, address, and photo. The registry can contain offender's as young as 14 years old and they will spend their whole life on this registry. Being on the registry only makes it more difficult for juveniles to be rehabilitated back into society. A sense of safety is given to the community but the individual them self are left never fully…show more content…
Its goal was to increase the general safety of the public by bringing awareness to sexual offenders who are in the area. This goes against the purpose of the juvenile justice system. The goal of this system is to rehabilitate juveniles back into the community and the sex offender registry goes against this idea (Craun 2006). The juvenile justice system was established to reflect the best interest of the child. It was created to give treatment and guidance to children. The registry its self provides no support for children. The public list only isolates the juveniles from the community. It labels them a sexual offender instead of providing them with the support that they…show more content…
Being put on the registry only leads to more road blocks later in life. Later in life, these children have difficulty being rehabilitated back into the community. Finding a stable job is difficult for them and the community has access to the label that has been but on them. Juveniles in this situation also have a low recidivism rate for crimes that are related to sexual violence. Most of the crimes that these individuals are convicted for again are related to reregistering as a sex offender or other violations regarding identifying as a sex offender. Putting a juvenile on the sex offender registry also goes against their rights. They are put on this registry without a trial by jury and must life with this label for the rest of their life. For all these reasons, juveniles should not be on the sex offender registry since it doesn't reintegrate them back into

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