Essay On Our Senses

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2.1) INTRODUCTION Our lives depend greatly on our senses but often we undermine these facts, our reliance on our senses is so much so that they we perceive the world through them and still do not give them that credit. We experience our environment through the senses in our consciousness and make our decisions through their consent. But in cases people who are born without these senses aren’t able to perceive the environment the way the other people having these senses do. Their experiences and memories are different than the other bunch of people. The research I am preceding addresses these questions of how our senses influence the way we perceive our environment and how do we make our experience from the world that we live in. Without our…show more content…
It’s a human tendency to understand the surrounding through his/her touch, taste, smell, vision and auditory system. It seems so natural and effortless to be aware of the environment that we take our senses for granted. Senses, taken as a whole, are an information seeking system. They interact with, and are stimulated by the environment, and in turn, transmit signals to the brain. All the five senses have different significances for exploring the environment and perceiving it in different manners. Touch, smell and taste provide information in the immediate space around us, whereas vision and hearing are capable of representing objects or events from greater distances. According to the psychologist James J. Gibson, there are two different definitions to the verb to sense. When the senses are considered as perceptual systems, the first meaning of the term is being used. Gibson further categorized the 5 sensory systems into 5 perceptual systems. This supported his view that our senses are integrated information seeking mechanisms. In the place of the traditional sight sound taste smell and sight, Gibson integrated the visual, auditory, taste and smell, basic orienting system and haptic
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