How Did The Great Depression Affect Society

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Everyone should know about The Great Depression. If you do not know about it, well let me tell you a little bit about The Great Depression. The Great Depression was a time of sorrow, a time of hardship, a time of pain. Many who lived The Great Depression can probably tell you a little more than I who did not live it. I can tell you the little that I know about it and I am sure it will change your perspective towards it. After doing some research on The Great Depression, one can say that The Great Depression affected everyone, every business, and every aspect of the society. Below we will see how The Great Depression has affected the society to even more. One of the very first thing that was affected by The Great Depression was the democratic party. The. Democratic party took all the blames when there were not jobs for the people. At that time, there was also a big rise in the Nazi people and fascist regimes in the Western Europe culture. Well, we all know that President Roosevelt was the one on power, and all of those things brought him a lot of frustrations. It is hard when you are the leader and you have to take all of the blames for a disaster that happened without knowing the cause for…show more content…
The article says that The Great Depression caused the real estates to suffer until the end of 1939. All the homes prices went down, and there were not a lot of sells made because everyone had lost their money from the banks due to a shortage in unemployment and banks facing double liabilities. The struggle was really hard for the realtors. I can imagine not making any sells, which means that they are not bringing any income home, so their families are suffering because their businesses are suffering. Many people will not even realize the impacts that The Great Depression had on some of the stuff that these articles had talked about, but they are what make our history
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