Stress In Music Performance

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Stress is a hurdle that every student faces every single day. Frequently, It is the reason for their failure, although it can the reason they succeed. All students nowadays are competing. In this case, they compete against each other for the best grades, but they also compete together as teams like a choir. The overwhelming amount of stress caused by competition can be debilitating thus leading to their failures, but with the right level of stress, later classified as good stress, students can succeed. In my experience, stress and competition have made me a stronger singer and yet it made me feel hopeless and abandoned. As a matter of fact, I would get so stressed during a performance that I would mess up and fail. In the Article Music Performance…show more content…
As a result, Doctor Zimmerman wrote that stress should be minimized, however he did not write by how much we should minimize it. A few ways of knowing that someone has too much stress is to look at their health. With this in mind, it was proven that too much stress can cause headaches, body aches, falling easily sick, and autoimmune illnesses (Good Stress). Other signs include easy to anger, having a hard time sleeping, being hungry all the time or not hungry at all, and not being able to concentrate (Good Stress). The main issues with stress is that it is different for everyone. Not one single person will deal with their stress the same as another person. A person just has to learn how to find their own balance. There are some trick that are useful like meditation, being organized, and exercise, but some tricks work better on some people then other. Other ways to release stress are to take a step back and made the work load into small bite size pieces or you can remove yourself from the situation by going on a walk or distracting yourself. If you are exhausted, take a twenty minute nap. They are proven to help think more clearly. There are the classic breathing exercises. Yoga is a great way to get exercise and meditation at once. Yoga also helps because it causes the yogi to focus on something else then their stress. It forces them to focus on their breath and their body. The active focusing on breath slows down the heart and causes the muscles to release their tension. This is why breathing exercises and yoga are so important. In addition, writing a journal can be really helpful. A fun, quick prompt can remove your mind from the stress to something more engaging and enjoyable. Exercising is proven to lower your stress hormone levels, improve sleep, and make you feel more confident. You can also increase your serotonin levels by drinking

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