Mimosa Pudica

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Mosquitoes are insects that are commonly found in the tropical areas, such as the Philippines. They reproduce and survive mostly in stagnant waters. Mosquitoes acts as vectors on several illness and one of the most prevalent illness that it could cause is dengue. Dengue cases has been continuously growing in the country for the past few years. With this, the researchers aim to provide an efficient prevention for the illness through the experimentation of the extract of Mimosa pudica specifically as mimosine extract as a mosquitocidal agent. Mimosa pudica locally known as Makahiya are easily found in the moist areas and is readily available and accessible most of the time. Mimosa pudica contains a substance that is called Mimosine, which is…show more content…
With this study, we could create prevention for the reproduction of dengue causing mosquitoes. It is both helpful in the field of science, as an alternative mosquitocidal and to the community, that prevention could also be found in our environment. Statement of the Problem This research aims to determine if the extract from Mimosa pudica (Makahiya) specifically the Mimosine has lethal effect on adult mosquitoes. This study will provide information about Mimosa pudica extract (mimosine), its minimum lethal concentration and duration of effect on the specified type of mosquitoes (Aedes aegypti and Anopheles). This is an experimental study to test the effectiveness of Mimosa pudica as mosquitocidal agent. The data collection will use primary type through observation of different tests done to identify the mosquitocidal effect of Mimosa pudica. Objective General Objective To determine the mosquitocidal activity of Mimosine from Mimosa pudica. Mimosinol and D-mimosinol from could be potential bioinsecticides which had strong insecticidal activity by inhibiting…show more content…
Mosquitoes are considered as one of the most dangerous creatures on the planet. People need protection against it. Through this information, the community can be provided about the plant Mimosa pudica as a mosquitocidal agent to minimize the population of the mosquitoes. Mimosa pudica is found throughout the Philippines. It is considered a weed with beneficial uses to both animals and humans. Also, the medical world can have more resources against the adult mosquitoes by the use of a natural and common substance which can be used in providing excellent care to the

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