Intervention And Learner Involvement

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3. Implementation of the Intervention and Learner Involvement a. Explicitly describe how the Evidence-based Practice was implemented. Please use numbered steps or bullets along with complete descriptions of how you taught the intervention to your learner. [1. To set up the intervention I got MB a new green homework folder because green is her favorite color. We sat down together and discussed her dream about wanting to be a vet, and go to public school. Once we talked about her dreams, I explained to her that an important stepping stone to getting to public school and getting into vet school is getting good grades, and turning your homework in. We spent time talking about why turning in homework was important, how it affects grades, and…show more content…
• I showed her that the checklist is broken up into Subjects IE history, math, reading, writing, and assignment sheets. • Each day before she goes home she needs to check each section to see if she has homework in that subject, if she does she has to write yes, if she does not she has to write no. • If she wrote yes, later that night she has to check off the subcategories (name on paper, assignment complete, assignment signed) once she has completed each task. • Once she comes back to school in the morning she has to bring her assignment folder to me, and walk me through what she filled out. I.E. If she marked yes for history homework what was it, if she checked off that she put her name on it, did she actually do it. If she completed all the homework assignments, and her checklist and shows it to me I would sign it. If I signed it every day for the week, she would earn candy of her choice at the end of the week. ( Please note she arrives to the classroom a half hour early with plenty of time to walk me through the checklist and turn in her homework on a daily…show more content…
We did this so that she had a concrete example of how I expected her to complete this chart on a daily basis. I then asked her “before you leave school, what do you do with this checklist?” and she responded by saying mark off the homework assignments. Then I asked her “what do you do with this checklist when you are at home” she responded by saying check off the boxes as I do them. Finally I asked her “When you come to school in the morning, what do you need to do?” she responded by saying, make sure my checklist is done, then show it to you, and get it

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