The Importance Of Hard Life

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Life is hard in eighth grade. I had to move from a different school to here. I have had a hard life also. My mom died when I was younger so now it is my dad, my sister, and me. My life was perfect until, poof, I was in a totally different timeline. It was 3018! It was one thousand years from when I was at home. Let me tell you what had happened, and then you can figure out if I made it home! I was walking home from school with my friends one day and we were talking about what life might be like to live in the future and all of a sudden I wasn’t with my friends anymore. At that point I was in a place I didn't recognize, I ended up in the middle of nowhere. Then I heard someone calling my name. I heard it but I wasn't sure who it was. I walked…show more content…
The only way to get across was by holding onto this rope and walking across on this path that if you let go of the rope you would fall! The rules of this obstacle was for both Maisy and I to get across without falling. If one of us fell then the other had to finish without the other sister, and when you made it, your sister would be there waiting for you in the maze I would have to cross like when I first got here. Maisy had already started so then I started. I made it through the mountain but I wasn't to sure about my sister. The TV showed up again and showed me a camera of my sister and she made it across to then I was relieved to see she made it. The TV told me the next obstacle course. It was an obstacle where I had to find three things and bring them back to the TV. These three things were hidden in this big room and they were hidden good but every time I found one of the hidden objects it would have a clue to where I could find the next object. The three objects I had to find were: a necklace that had belonged to my mom, a music CD and this dress my mom would wear all the time. I had to find these objects in order from first to last. Maisy also had to find these objects. We

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